Super-Kids Daycare

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Where the love for all children and what
benefits them is our basic principle for
teaching and guiding them down the
right path.

Starting in 1972, our home based facility
grew to commercial sized buildings with
separate facilities for infants and toddlers
and another for school aged children. As they say, knowledge is power,
and the only way children can gain knowledge is through the teaching abilities of others. My director and I have had many years of college courses as well as on the job training in addition to being parents ourselves. We have worked and helped many children of different degrees of abilities and in turn educate our teachers to follow our set examples. Our teachers start working with our children as young as infants; the sooner the better. The child is like a sponge, and can absorb amazing amounts of information. Each stage is different and of course you offer them age appropriate material, and many times they exceed the teachers’ expectations. Not only do children learn from academics but they also learn through play, social time, and through meal time.

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